About Us

UEG Tekstil is a company that has evolved by forwarding its home textile experience to AUTOMOTIVE-MARINE-MEDICAL-FURNITURE-OFFICE FURNITURE upholstery production. Our Fabric and Artificial Leather collections, which focus on most especially automotive passenger seat, have a strong place in the sector with its quality and variety. As a company that prides itself on working with a customer-oriented approach, listening to the demands of our customers and improve our products has become one of the prominent rules of the UEG Tekstil’s Team. We’ve started our journey with aiming at to offer our customers high quality products in the fastest way, and we know that we’ve succeeded so far by being as a long-standing supplier of leading companies in the industry. Our goal is not only to preserve our current situation, but to always go further. With the furniture-office-marine-defense industry-medical products that we add to our range, we continue to move forward with the steps to become the first brand that comes to mind when it’s come to the upholstery fabric and artificial leather


Our products are developed in accordance with the quality standards for the sectors taking into account customer demands. We keep stock for the products of our collections for fast delivery. For the new product demands, we offer very quick demo productions with the technical requirements for customer approval.