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UEG Artificial Leather, our company began its commercial life in 1972. All of the investment began in 2000 with contract manufacturing. Our company has a 40 year textile market has come so far in the past with pride and faith. Artificial leather for sale continues with steady steps on the path to renew itself constantly. Manufacturers of products are high quality and high standards in accordance with the principle of chanhing technology. Our goal we have exported our country as well as in country markets can be permanent and effective.



Product Features

Phthalate Free

At our product toxic chemicals such as phthalates is not been used.

Anti Bacterial

Germ can not be gathered as a result of chemical content.

Abrasion Resistance

Our goods can be used for long time

Water Resistance

Liquid can easy move as a result of special techonology which is applied to our product.

Flame Retardant

Fire retardant process can be applied if required.

Easy Clean

Tea and coffee stains can easily be cleaned.

Uv Resistance

Our products have UV resistance.

Salt Water Resistance

Water - soluble stains: It is recommended that you use the specific products UEG cleaning, a list of which is avaible on www.ueg.com.tr in the section maintenance; if they are not at you disposal, it is recomended, dependingon the type os stain, that you should use water, lemon juice, or pure ethyl alcohol (from liquors) and follow the instructions below. For further infornation visit our web site www.ueg.com.tr


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  • Mrk : Haşim İşcan Cd. Tuğtaş 1 İşhanı No:12/B Osmangazi / BURSA / TURKEY

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